2018 Owen Sound Polar Plunge

Thank you for supporting Special Olympics!

2018 Results

$11,105 Raised

35 Plungers

2018 Fundraising Totals


Amount Raised:



2014: 70 Plungers, $10,000 Raised
2015:  44 Plungers, $12,000 Raised
2016: 32 Plungers, $7,250 Raised 
: 40 Plungers, $12,500 Raised
2018: 35 Plungers, $11,105 Raised

Over $52,855 raised since 2014 for Special Olympics!


Polar Plunge personal for these women


Tammy Busey and Diana Meder took their first-ever Owen Sound Polar Plunge for Special Olympics challenge Saturday — a gesture of love in honour of their late husbands, who were best friends and long-time plunge supporters.

Jason Busey was always a colourfully dressed addition to The Dock’s annual team entry in the event, which this year used a pool full of icy bay water because the pack ice in the bay was unsafe to venture onto.

The popular Dock morning radio announcer Bob Wallace was a perennial supporter who frequently raised the largest sums.

He and his best friend died three months apart last year – Wallace of a heart attack brought on by a leukemia diagnosis received just a week before his death, and Busey, of cancer detected after receiving a liver transplant.

The Dock’s team raised more than $5,200 this year, more than half of the $10,000 goal, which organizer Jana Waghorn said would be exceeded by likely a couple hundred dollars, once all the money was counted.

It was a freezing cold day with icy winds blowing off the still-frozen bay. Owen Sound firefighters broke up and skimmed off a plate of inch-thick ice in the circular, above-ground pool, which had formed overnight. It was set by the bay at the Harry Lumley-Bayshore Community Centre.

Plungers mounted steps to a platform, then soared, slid, cannonballed and otherwise jumped into the water and made their way to a ladder at the other side.

“It was exhilarating,” Meder said once out, dried off and dressed as she stood inside the community centre. She said she’ll take the plunge again if they use the pool, or if it’s warm enough to run into the water, as it has been in past years.

“I said this is for you Bob and I went in and I called him (a bad name) but you can’t print that,” she said with a deep, happy laugh. She said he said back to her “Way to go.”

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